A Place to Write and Re-Write

The nonfiction title A History of St. Edward’s Church, Kent, Sierra Leone, 2nd ed. appeared last month just in time for the 170th anniversary of the church. It’s fun gathering feedback: I am enjoying what widely varied pieces of information readers find interesting.

I’m also looking forward to finding new documented information from original sources—to correct errors or imbalances or bring more insight into how this church developed. Hopefully, enough will come to light to warrant producing a 3rd edition.

I see each blog entry here as a living piece of writing, something to keep adjusting just as I do the book. A way of joining an ongoing conversation that perhaps you are already engaged in. If so, let me know. . .

2 thoughts on “A Place to Write and Re-Write

  1. Hi,
    I just received a copy of ‘A History of St. Edward’s Church’ – well done. I am researching the Kearney brothers who were in Kent in the early 19th Century. They both worked for Governor McCarthy. William died there of fever in 1819, but John became notorious as a slave trader and was evading the authorities ( I don’t know if he was caught).


    • Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the St. Edward’s book, Declan. Yes, I saw references to J.O. Kearney here and there—one in Phillip Misevich’s dissertation at Emory University about rice in the slave trade.

      William Kearney was Superintendent of the newly-formed Sea District in 1819, but I didn’t have any further information about him. Thanks for sharing this.


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