The Heritage Keeper

“The Heritage Keeper” is an historical novel based on the true experience of a girl growing up on the West African coast in the 1830s in what is now called Sierra Leone. An extraordinary and highly recommended novel, “The Heritage Keeper” is an especially recommended addition to personal, middle grade school and community library collections for young readers.   From the Reviewer’s Choice list at Midwest Book Review’s Small Press Bookwatch, April 2016

This story is very interesting and I couldn’t put it down. It is a little confusing at first, but as you read it more and more, it gets much less confusing. It is an easy read, but I do not recommend it for kids under sixth grade. It can be a little intense for younger readers. I think it is packed together, meaning that it was a lot for a book that size. The author might have been able to put in more detail. It was interesting but I wanted to hear more about Fima. Over all, I give it a high rating because I think it was nicely written, adventurous, and interesting. Reviewed By: Maggie, Age 11, KidsBookBuzz at City Book Review.

Avid reader Marilyn Jones A touching story of “women power” placed in an authentic West African setting during the turbulent and really frightening 1830’s as slave trading is beginning to be replaced by repatriation of slaves. The writing style is very clear and readable with little touches that put the reader right next to the heroine Fima as she takes chances and grows up to honor her heritage…Very enjoyable and inspiring book.


A History of St. Edward’s Church: Kent, Sierra Leone

Poet John Palen: We both thoroughly enjoyed reading the history of St. Edward’s. It was very well written—a page-turner for me. I couldn’t put it down.

Educator and children’s book author Charles Temple: What a wonderful book! I had no idea from looking at the cover that you would share so much insightful background on the early days of Sierra Leone.

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